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JUMPSTART is an energy cream that contains Ribose supplemented with Creatine, Carnitine and Caffeine.  Ribose is a powerful source of instant energy which multiplies the ability of your muscles to work harder and longer.  Using Transdermal Delivery Technology, the active ingredients penetrate directly to the targeted muscles, giving an immediate and sustained boost to your speed, strength and endurance during intense physical activities.  JUMPSTART also helps to dramatically enhance muscle recovery after the activity.

JUMPSTART is a novel product that has been specially formulated for sportsmen, athletes and anyone who wishes to maximise performance during demanding physical activities.  It is a safe product and does not contain any substance prohibited for sports. Simply use JUMPSTART 1-2 hours before your activity to get the energy boost you need.

A trial carried out with committed long-distance runners showed 0.8-24.8% improvement in their average best timing and trial participants for inclined pull-ups showed 9.4-61.1% improvement in the number of pull-ups they could do.  A resounding 80% of all trial participants conveyed that they observed faster muscle recovery with JUMPSTART!

Exceed your personal best timings for IPPT*, marathons and competitions with JUMPSTART Instant Energy Cream!

*IPPT, or Individual Physical Proficiency Test, is used by the Singapore Armed Forces, the Singapore Police Force and the Singapore Civil Defense Force in assessing the physical fitness of their personnel.

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