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TGC is a joint cream containing a high concentration of glucosamine. Glucosamine helps to repair and regenerate cartilage, thereby removing pain and discomfort experienced at the joints.
Are you headed for severe joint problems?

Many people do not realize that we move our joints more than 1 million times a day. Like all mechanical parts, the cartilage at the joints will eventually wear out. When this happens, the bones rub directly against each other, causing intense pain. This explains why most elderly people suffer from varying degrees of joint pains and aches, which could extend to immobility and deformity of the joints. This is further accelerated for those who are actively engaged in sports.

The good news is that we can maintain healthy joints into old age if we start taking care of them early enough.

Glucosamine is needed for healthy joints

Cartilage is the shock-absorbing, gel-like material that covers the bones at the joints. Healthy cartilage cushions the physical impact on the bones and enables us to move about effortlessly.

The body requires glucosamine to repair and regenerate worn out cartilage. When we are young, it is able to auto-produce sufficient glucosamine to keep our cartilage healthy. However, as we grow older, it loses this capacity and we need to supplement this supply. Unfortunately, glucosamine is not found in our normal diet.

Benefits of TGC (Transdermal Glucosamine Cream)

TGC uses a revolutionary Transdermal Delivery Technology to deliver high concentrations of glucosamine through the skin directly to damaged cartilage.  This process avoids the problem of metabolization of glucosamine in our gastrointestinal tract when consumed orally. 

Our experience from hundreds of thousands of users indicates that improvements are noticeable within 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the age and severity of the damage.

Use TGC daily for healthy joints and active lifestyle

TGC comes in three variants to meet the needs of different individuals: TGC High Strength, TGC High Strength Plus Capsaicin and TGC Active.

TGC High Strength

TGC High Strength contains 10% glucosamine sulphate salt, the highest concentration available in the industry.

It is suitable for individuals who are suffering from slight to moderate joint discomfort.

TGC® High Strength Product
TGC High Strength Plus Capsaicin

TGC Plus Capsaicin contains the same high level of glucosamine as TGC High Strength, but also contains the powerful ingredient capsaicin. Capsaicin is a natural analgesic to provide instant pain relief.

It is recommended for individuals who are suffering from severe and constant joint discomfort.

TGC® High Strength Plus Capsaicin
TGC Active

TGC Active contains 5% glucosamine sulphate salt and is specially formulated for those who do not have any joint discomfort but wish to protect their joints from the effects of their active and vigorous lifestyles until old age.

TGC Active promotes healthy joints to maintain your active lifestyle, and when used regularly will help to ensure trouble-free joints up your senior years.

TGC® Active

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